ES80 Automatic Sliding Door

ES80 Automatic Sliding Door

It is time to rethink sliding door operators. The DORMA ES 80 Compact in the attractive DOR MA design stands for simple automation of sliding door units in all areas of application. It is the innovative drive system for door units up to 2 x 80 kg, in a modular construction with world-wide tried and trusted electronics and new mechanics comprised of only a few components with only 105 mm profile height.

The ES 80 Compact is the optimum solution for all customers who require simple assembly, low storage costs and ease of maintenance. With high quality engineering and finish the ES 80 Compact is a particularly cost-effective sliding door operator made with DORMA’s world renowned high quality and expertise.

The ES 80 Compact operator is suitable for many different applications and can be combined with all customary door profiles. It offers a number of adjustment possibilities, has excellent operating characteristics and is easy to install and maintain.

The self-learning microprocessor controller guarantees reliable operation, ensures dynamic and smooth movements and fulfills the highest safety requirements. The setting of all parameters is carried out quickly and easily via an integrated display with push-buttons. Operation is extremely simple and menu-assisted. Additional programming equipment is not required.

DORMA supplies, as the optimum supplement, program switches and pulse senders as well as door profiles specially matched to the drive.

Features and advantages

  • Modular, flexible system
  • For door units up to 2 x 80 kg
  • Problem-free adaptation to individual requirements
  • Low number of system components
  • Industrially prefabricated and tested
  • Easy assembly of drive systems
  • Multi-functional control, commissioning without programming equipment
  • Easy fixing and commissioning
  • Can be combined with all customary door profiles
  • Reliable function and high safety standards
  • Smooth movement
  • Complete program at program switches
  • Numerous standard connections
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