ES200 Automatic Sliding Door

ES200 Automatic Sliding Door

The new, innovative ES 200 sliding door operator system offers the perfect solution for all applications and service requirements. The ES 200, equipped with the DORMA PowerDrive technology, fulfills every demand imposed on operators in terms of adaptability to different door widths, door weight capacity and functionality.

The modular system

The modular design of the ES 200 provides an ideal basis for the implementation of new ideas and individual concepts in the design and construction of sliding door systems. The identical mechanical components may be installed in all three versions of the operator (ES 200, ES 200-2D and ES 200 Easy).

DORMA has also opened up a new dimension with its control system. Now there is no longer any need to replace components when you want to expand the  functionality of your system. In future, “docking” will be the order of the day. The modular control system comprises of the basic module (BM) and the function module (FM). Consequently, upgrading in accordance with individual customer requirements may be carried out without problem. Particularly impressive is the prefabricated MiniDriveUnit, industrially tested and equipped with all the necessary electrical and electronic components.


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