ES68 Automatic Sliding Door

ES68 Automatic Sliding Door



From DORMA, world leader of premium entrance solutions, comes a new innovation for emerging markets: the ES 68 SERIES.

This groundbreaking product was designed to meet the needs of the basic standalone entrance, and to make the convenience of the automatic sliding door accessible to everyone, anywhere in the world. And not just any automatic door, but a DORMA automatic door: that means quality and reliability from more than 100 years of rich German industry tradition.

The revolutionary ES 68 SERIES may start off basic in scope, but it works like the Premium Machine it was designed to be.


Born out of the DORMA heritage, the ES 68 SERIES has to fulfill the same stringent demands as any other DORMA product. Our Engineers challenged themselves
to create an operator that is economically accessible to the masses but yet performs like a pedigree, as expected of DORMA.

This they exceled, by re-looking into every details and re-inventing them: from the compact, light-weight, loadbearing silent track profile, the noise-reducing ultra-durable
design and materials for the carrier rollers, the low-noise low-friction brushless motor to the compact and powerful worm-gear gearbox.

Nothing is taken for granted.


In the process of delivering the most performance for every basic detail, no effort is spared in creating new DORMA solutions for every customer need.

We are thus proud to introduce the DORMA Remote Key + Program Control, a sleek designer keychain device that gives small business owners the power to control their doors right in their pockets. Detailed attention to aesthetics created the DORMA Activator, visible on top of the door, lending a premium feel to the entrance.

Finally, our patented DORMA Power Pack lets users buy only the functions they need, better serving our customers in emerging markets.


In door automation, a Premium Machine should work silently in the background, 24-7. This means it must not only be durable, but smart in its daily operation dealing with various unforeseen situations.

The intelligent ES 68 SERIES is simply Plug-and-Play, as it will learn the door opening on start-up and adjust its parameters accordingly to ensure a comfortable passage. Similarly, when faced with obstruction in the passage way, it will cleverly adjust itself and easily reverts to normal operation.

With screw-positioning grooves and foolproof connectors, installation is easy, to ensure the door is up fast and running well.

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